Saturday, April 12, 2008

Children of Light- Paul

Paul Taylor was the first Children of Light character I created. It was in high school, I had made him for an art class project. At that time, he could transform into earth, air, fire or water on contact. I settled on him controlling the elements instead. He’s pretty much based on me. I think a lot of writers put part of themselves into their characters. I decided to go all the way and just make Paul me. Not all the details are the same, though. My parents are both alive. Poor writing? Maybe. Maybe not. I know James Robinson did it for Starman. So there!

Anyway, here’s a bio:
Paul James Taylor’s parents died when he was 12. He moved out of the city to live with his grandfather, who owns a large piece of land in the country. He graduated from High School, and works as a delivery driver. He wants to be an artist, but lacks motivation. He became a Christian after going through some troubled years after his parent’s deaths. He’s friends with some girls from his church, and made friends with Scott Barker while working together.
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Heritage: Irish-German
Favorite drink: coffee. Has to be good, strong stuff. He's a coffee snob.
Talents: drawing and painting.
Pastime: reading comic books.
Powers: Paul has the ability to control earth, air, fire or water on contact. The upper limits of his ability aren’t known, but are limited by his confidence. Like all the Children of Light, Paul’s powers come from God, who gave them powers to fight demonic forces.

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