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Daredevil & Frank Miller

Working my way through the Daredevil Omnibus (omnibus means "big stinkin' book"). Weighing in at about 800 pages, it's taken me a month to get halfway through so far. I'm not that slow of a reader, I just get distracted by things like work, and eating. I had read Frank Miller's Sin City for the first time this year, and was blown away by the stark black & white art! I thought I'd go and read through Miller's other works I haven't seen for a while. I started reading comics in the 80's and knew a lot of his work, but mostly his later writing on DD, and his Batman work.

I started with the Wolverine mini-series which I had on the bookshelf, and realized it had been so long since I read it last, I picked up on a lot of the story I didn't realize was there. I thought from there I'd try to read pretty much in order, so next up was Daredevil. This was Frank's first comics work that I know of, and it reads just as well as any modern comic today. In my opinion, a lot of older comics don't read as well in story as I remember as a kid. Even though I know the basics of what happens (spoiler: Elektra dies!), I'm still really interested to see how the story plays out!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Last night's plunder. Nice cheeses, yogurt, bag of dog food my dog won't eat (she holds out for table scraps), toaster pastries.
Time- about an hour
Value- $35 (possible upwards of $50, I usually lowball)

Should have stayed home to rest, but was having allergies all day and thought it would do me good to get out of the house.