Monday, April 27, 2009

Take that, i tunes!

I recently had one of those online music subscription services, Rhapsody. For 15 bucks or something a month, I could listen to pretty much anything I wanted from my computer or mp3 player. Turns out I could never decide what I wanted when faced with nearly unlimited choices. I canceled the service to save money, and decided I'm happier with whatever CDs I can find at the exchange store, or at the library. Part of the fun is having to search and find something good to play. Plus, studies have shown that CD's sound better. And they sometimes have neat pictures inside!

Starting to prep for a big Akron comic show in June. I haven't gone to sell in a few years, so I'm getting excited!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Finally finished Children of Light #2! Man! Took me 5 years, and I feel bad about that. I've been working hard the past few months to get done, and I feel I've improved my work ethic some, we'll see. If it's 2 years until the next comic, that'll be more than doubling my speed, right?

Last night the files went off to the printer, and it may be about a month before I get them (they're not too slow, I just chose the discount turnaround time). I'm paranoid there will be some problem with the files, I did them all wrong or something, and have to start over. I'm having the printing done at Ka-Blam. They're super-friendly and do great work, I just got a sample of Timmy from them that I sent to Image Comics. Lots of excitement going on!

I realized I forgot to give proper credit to one of the artists who helped out on CoL#2. Bijoy Raveendran is an artist from India who volunteered 1 page. I had lost contact with him for a while, and he finally e-mailed me back, but I forgot to put his updated profile in the comic. Sorry, bud! His art can be seen at Deviant

As soon as I get confirmation that I didn't totally screw up the comic, I'll start taking orders for #2. In the meantime, I'm taking a short vacation from comic making!