Saturday, May 29, 2010

Did some diving last night, been missing the free stuff! Grabbed all these things that looked like pulled bbq pork, turned out to be soy meat or something. I might eat crap if it's covered with barbecue sauce, so it should be good.

Also excited to try out a new bakery outlet store, our old one closed. This one's a little further away, but easily accessable. When i first drove up, some guys were coming out of the back of the neighboring store to leave, so I waited then drove around the block. When I came back, there was 1 car still there. I didn't know if someone else was about to come out, so I just peeked in and grabbed some hoagie buns off the top.

Fake meat bbq sandwiches! mmmmm...

Friday, May 28, 2010

getting there

This is page 2. just about ready to tone with ink stuff. Thought I'd do 2 pages at once, since once I get in the groove of ink toning, it's best to keep going. Hopefully will debut by next week or something.

Monday, May 17, 2010


Hey blogsters! Long time! My bad. Been letting a lot of stuff get in the way of my getting work done. Sorry, it was a bad year. One thing I have been doing is lettering for issue #4 of Mark Melton's Angledreams. Good stuff. I never read it until I started work on it. Sorry Mark!

So about a year after I finished Children of Light #2, I finally get #3 rolling. Really. Check this out:

Monster attack. Rarrr!

This page is almost in the can. It will be page 1 & 2, and 3 is in inks too. What I thought I'd do is post finished pages here, so you can read them as I finish. Hopefully 1 every week or 2. I can't promise speed, sorry. It's the way things is. Not yet sure if I'll be opening up to other artists to help out. Possibly. There is 1 page already done by someone else, so I might as well. I liked the way they turned out. You'd probably like it too, so we can move along quicker!