Sunday, December 13, 2009

Daredevil & Frank Miller

Working my way through the Daredevil Omnibus (omnibus means "big stinkin' book"). Weighing in at about 800 pages, it's taken me a month to get halfway through so far. I'm not that slow of a reader, I just get distracted by things like work, and eating. I had read Frank Miller's Sin City for the first time this year, and was blown away by the stark black & white art! I thought I'd go and read through Miller's other works I haven't seen for a while. I started reading comics in the 80's and knew a lot of his work, but mostly his later writing on DD, and his Batman work.

I started with the Wolverine mini-series which I had on the bookshelf, and realized it had been so long since I read it last, I picked up on a lot of the story I didn't realize was there. I thought from there I'd try to read pretty much in order, so next up was Daredevil. This was Frank's first comics work that I know of, and it reads just as well as any modern comic today. In my opinion, a lot of older comics don't read as well in story as I remember as a kid. Even though I know the basics of what happens (spoiler: Elektra dies!), I'm still really interested to see how the story plays out!

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