Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Am I smarter that a 5th grader?

Apparently not! I did my 1st teaching gig at chruch on Sunday, with the 4-5th grade class. We were trying to match a Bible person to the verse that talked about them. I didn't have a teacher guide, or a pencil, but I figured this was easy! Needless to say, the kids ended up correcting me on some of my matches!

If you'v ebeen following Children of Light over at Megazeen, sorry for the delay in new pages. I've had some ready to go, they just haven't been put up yet. Joey's a good guy, I think he's working hard on getting his book, Colossians, done. I understand, man!

Here's a pic of a monster from Bijoy Raveendran, upcoming CoL artist.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Tommy, I was checkin' out the Timmy stuff! lookin' good!