Monday, May 25, 2009

Quicky comic reviews

A little late to the party on these, but I thought I'd try some stuff I've heard good things about.

Fables: The concept grabbed me right away: fairy-tale characters forced out of their homeland into the modern world. Snow White is the leader of the Fables, and Big Bad (Bigby) Wolf is the sherrif. The first arc seemed to drag a little. I'm giving the 2nd trade a chance to pick up.

Pride of Baghdad: An original graphic novel by Brian K Vaughn, with beautiful art by Niko Henrichon. During the American invasion of Baghdad, a family of lions escapes the Baghdad zoo. Very thought-provoking.

About to try DMZ- maybe review later.

Nextwave- Agents of H.A.T.E.- Explosions! Kicking bad guys! Giant monsters in underpants! A robot in a bra! I haven't been a fan of Warren Ellis yet (haven't read much of him either), but this one sold me! Marvel B-list characters work for a knock-off SHIELD run by a guy having a nervous breakdown. Need to find vol. 2!

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