Monday, June 22, 2009

Take a Dive!

Results of 1 hr. of diving last night including driving time:
2 boxes of magazines
a watermelon
9 eggs (I know how to test eggs, don't worry. Also I eat a few raw eggs almost daily, and have never gotten sick. So there.)
2 bags potatoes
2 packs fresh green beans
couple tomatoes
1 bottle Aussie conditioner
1 bottle salad dressing
1 bottle chicken stock
a big broken dresser mirror (for a wife art project)
possibly a few things I forgot
1 hour of work= enough food to feed my family a couple meals.

Am I crazy for doing this, or crazy to keep working a "real" job? Talk to me.

1 comment:

mike said...

Ok, at first I thought, OMG is the money so tight, that you've got to pick thru your nieghbors trash, to feed your family?!

But wait...your picking up the throw aways of business'? that is sweet! You can start up your own Swap Meet, for a second job! Or sell some of your loot to second hand stores.

It's no different than recycling soda cans I suppose.

More power to ya!