Saturday, September 8, 2007

First blog

Trying out this place as opposed to MySpace to see how I like it. MySpace is OK, but I don't like to go there too often. Too much temptation with the ads, and webcam girls trying to be friends. I've struggled with porn online, and really try to avoid stuff like that. Maybe it shouldn't be a problem for me by now to go there anymore, i don't know. Some days I feel strong enough to resist that stuff, some days I don't.

So just general stuff going on right now is we're trying to sell our house (4 weeks now, no activity), I'm making 2 comic books: 1 is Children of Light. I self-published a comic in 2004, and it currently continues online at when I can get a page or 2 done. 2 is Timmy the Killer Robot. I wrote the story, and another artist is doing the art. We hope to submit it to Image Comics or another major comics publisher, hopefully by the end of the year.

That's about it. i work 8-5 M-F in a small warehouse for nice people, go to church, love my wife and kids.

Today: Currently blogging (duh), later will probably work on sanding plaster in my attic, read some comics (working on the end of Peter David's Hulk run), not sure what else the day will bring!

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Eric Merced said...

Blogger is a much safer and better place then Myspace anytime. I stay away from that place as far as I can. lol
Welcome aboard. I think you will have fun with your own Blog.