Saturday, March 8, 2008

snowed in

Got a lotta snow in Akron yesterday, so I believe we'll be staying in! I'm going to stay in my pajamas until noon. That's what I love about Saturdays, my one day to be lazy, read comics, and be with my family. Doing some laundry, and gonna try to get some CoL work done today. I'm starting to pencil a new page further down the line, and need to fill out the script for later pages. There's a few guys who are waiting patiently for pages to do for me. I appreciate you guys!

Comics review: 52: 52 is a weekly comic series that fills in a missing year in the world of DC Comics. at the conclusion of a universe-shattering event (Infinite Crisis), all DC Comics jumped forward 1 year, aptly called One Year Later. It gave every DC title a fresh start, and in my opinion, a brilliant marketing move! 52 fills in this missing year, where Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman are missing from the action.
I passed on the series when it came out, mostly due to the extra weekly cost. I'm now reading the paperback collections from the library, and am halfway through the year. With writing by 4 of comics top talents (Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka, Mark Waid, and Geoff Johns, this should have been a sure thing in my pull list! The series spotlights some of DC's lesser known heroes like The Question, Steel, Black Adam, Elongated Man, Booster Gold and policewoman Renee' Montoya. Quite a good read so far!

Waiting patiently for the next pages of Children of Light (love ya Joey!) in the meantime, here's his sketch of Kris, starring in his pages.

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