Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Have a new favorite song; Stuttering by Ben's Brother. You might have heard it in the new Dentine Ice commercial (or some type of gum like that). I think it's the only song using stuttering as a method of singing that I like. Bad to the Bone- George Thorogood-Hate it. Ain't seen Nothing Yet-BTO- Hate it. Shakin'-Eddie Money- Didn't hate it, but we thought he had a disability when we saw him sing, so I excused it. But something about this song is really good. Maybe it's the fact that the singer admits his stuttering problem in the song. I like his honesty. You be the judge!

Home with the kids for 2 days while Mom is in Indiana for a funeral. Hope to get some drawing done. You'll see it here first!

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