Friday, December 5, 2008

New music

No new art yet, hopefully this weekend. I realized I need to re-letter a bunch of the pages because I saved them all at the wrong resolution. Poop.

This week I heard new albums from my 2 favorite bands of the 80's Guns n' Roses and Def Leppard. There's already a thousand reviews of the long-awaited G n'R album, so if oyu want sophistication, go read one of those. My average guys' opinion is it could have been better for the 15-year wait. There were a few good songs to start off, and musically, it's a good album, but I feel Axl's screeching ruins a lot of it. Plus, Guns of the 80's was more than Axl. It was Izzy, Slash, Duff & Steven too. This feels like Axl and some band.

Some better news is Def Leppard just put out what may be their strongest album since Hysteria. No kidding! Songs From the Sparkle Lounge starts off with a strong, modern, yet classic Def Lep sound, and keeps kicking all the way through! I've heard the past few albums, X had a few good songs, and that was it for me. 1999's Euphoria sounded like recycled songs from Hysteria. On this new one, the guys sound more modern, but recognizable. "Love" may become my favorite song on the disc, as the band seems to channel Queen (minus Freddy, of course!).

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