Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Diving night tonight! I usually go Sunday night (good 'cause a lot of places close earlier sos I can get to bed earlier!), Tue or Wed, and Fri. or Sat. Notable stuff from the past week:
2 computers (possible ebay sales. I've gotten $20-30 before)
1/2 gal & 4 pints ICE CREAM!
a good boxful of organicish cookies & crackers
2- 1/2 gal organic milk
2 5lb roasts
gift-worthy notebooks, pens, stationary-type stuff
about 30 bath/shower soaps

I need more produce, especially bananas- I feel potassium deficient!

There's an excitement & thrill about going out hunting through dumpsters. Did I talk about this already? o well. I feel like it goes back to man's primal instinct to hunt. There's a thrill of pursuing the game, and a slight hint of danger (apparently not from the police in my area- cops have seen me twice, and passed on by), and the satisfaction of having a successful score. I feel pretty alive and proud after a successful few hours of hunting! Beats sitting in a tree stand waiting for the food to come to you!

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