Monday, October 12, 2009

Blast from the past

I recently re-connected with a friend through Facebook, that had worked with me on an early version of Children of Light around 1994 or so. They were called the Light Brigade, with a different story, and mostly the same characters. The thing that looks like Igoo from the Herculoids (Google it if you're under 30 or don't get Boomerang on cable) is Paul, Scott is on top of him (I had a white version of his shirt!), Kris and Jen are below. On the left is a shadowy girl who was cut, and replaced with Tasha. The guy riding a tank thing was also cut, but may show up sometime later, too.

Currently working on re-lettering CoL #1 for re-print. The lettering I did by hand was quite horrible! I would have liked to do a totally re-mastered version, re-drawn and touched up, but maybe another time.

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