Monday, November 2, 2009

Had a great night of diving yesterday, check this out:

Many cans of organic split pea soup, gourmet chips, 2 garbage bags of cookies. 2 apples (need more good produce!), fancy crackers, 2 big packs of ground beef. 1/2 doz eggs. Purchase price would have been well over $100. Not bad for 2 hours work!

Wife has been going out with me the past few times, it's nice to have "backup"! I had been going solo a lot, and always felt nervous, being my own lookout. Diving isn't illegal in Akron, but I like to watch out for crazy people or zombies. Strength in numbers is good.

After all that, I was still disappointed in no books from the bookstore. Selling books we find on Amazon has turned into a 2nd part-time job!

What else...working on a re-mastered edition of Children of Light #1. Re-written and lettered, the parts I was least happy with. Tedious work!

Gone diving 3 night in a row, goin to bed early tonight, I think!

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