Monday, July 14, 2008

Setting captives free

Some of you know, some don't, that I had been a porn addict since I was old enough to know what it was. I'm 37 now, so that's a lot of years (too early for me to do the math!). For many of those years, I was a Christian, pretending to be a faithful follower, while living a double-minded life. I made a few public declarations of freedom at my church, but kept failing in my struggle.

My problem was, I tried to conquer sin under my own power. It just can't be done! The only key to being free from sin is TRUE repentance, which means turning from the sin, and turning toward God at the same time. I tried to do it for my glory, for selfish reasons like being a better Christian, husband, etc. Doing it for God's glory is the true way to freedom.

I had still been struggling with this sin until April of this year, when I discovered Setting Captives Free. It has free online courses designed to help you have permanent freedom from sexual sin, weight loss, homosexual lifestyle, and several other courses. You'll get a mentor that will work with you through the course. It's been a blessing in my life, as I've finally learned what it takes to be free from this sin! I feel closer to God than I ever have before! If you're a Christian, and there's any hint of sexual immorality in your life, even if you check out girls in their summer clothes, you need this course. If you don't know God, and you're into porn, you're hurting your relationship with your spouse, or future wife (for you single guys)! Don't kid yourselves, this is serious stuff! Please check it out, or ask me any questions you want to.


Allan said...

Good Job Tom! I actually went through the Setting Captives Free course for weight loss. It is a wonderful course. I am so glad you found it and found that only through God can you be victorious over sin. It is a daily thing to conquer.

Tommy Flick said...

Thanks for your encouragement Diana. We miss you guys, and hope Allan is doing better.

Lisa said...

Thanks so much, Tommy! We all fall short at times; for some it's a constant battle. I'll be using this for myself and to help others. I'm glad you found freedom through a deeper relationship with God. Good for you!