Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Even more art? What's going on?!

Page 24 inked. All by me. I'm liking the inkwash I've used on the past few pages, but don't think it came out as well on this page. You can compare to the pencils I posted a few weeks ago. 1 more to go!

Tampon shopping:
Face it guys, one of these days you'll have to do it, if you haven't already. Your wife or significant other has been shopping all week, and forgot that one thing, on purpose, one might think.

My wife was sick in bed today, and guess what she needed? Guess where we were just the day before? You got it. As I received the news, I had to begin planning. A guy can't just go and buy feminine products only, I started making a list of things I could buy to hide the "stuff" in. I don't care what it was, I had to get something else. A lobster, shoe polish, a gouda cheese wheel, anything to take attention away from "it".

I managed to come up with a modest list of things we for real needed. It can't be too big of a list, because you have to go through the self-checkout. There's nothing worse than locking eyes with the cashier while "it" goes *beep*. No way. You might say, "Oh, Tommy! Girls understand and might think you are so brave for buying "it". Aha! but what do you do when you choose the grandmotherly cashier (safest bet), and suddenly switches with a guy cashier. You leave, quickly and quietly. Yes, even if your stuff is already on the belt.

So I got some other stuff first, so I could hide "it" underneath. Then had to scope the aisle out before making my approach. Hmmm...toothpaste...mouthwash...casually sighted! Made a quick but non-attention-getting grab, and coolly stroll away.

turns out I had too much for the self-checkout. there's no limit, really, but they only give you like 1 foot of space to set your scanned items in. So I found my grandmotherly cashier, prepared to drop all and go at the sight of a dude. Played it cool, because if she saw me sweating, it was all over. Made it through without incident, until I thought I'd say hello to a high-school classmate I recognized. Then I saw what was sticking out of the top of the bag. Changed my mind, went home.

Listened to the new Jack Johnson today, liked it, need to have a few more listens before I could comment. Jack, you too may be called upon to buy "it". Be ready.


Eric Merced said...


I'm telling you Brother, this is it. This style is awesome. Stick with it. I cannot wait to see more.

Tommy Flick said...

Thanks! I hope to get working on the next page this week.