Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New Children of Light pencils by Papa Nate

I'm getting near completion of CoL #2, hopefully in a month or 2. I've got 1 page to pencil & ink, and inks to finish on 1, and lettering for 5 or 6 pages. The awesome Eric Merced has agreed to do a cover which I'm always excited about! I am working more lately, knowing I'm close to finishing has lit a fire under me, and I've been working almost every day on the art. Hopefully it'll become a habit!

Listened to the new Guns n Roses today. At 1st, I thought it could have been better for 15 years in the making, but I'm really diggin' it now. Might be worth buying.

Got Starbucks for the drive to work and listened to Jack Johnson & Friends: A Broke Down Melody (find it yerself, I'm tired of linking). Makes a snowy drive nicer!

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