Sunday, August 22, 2010

#3, page 4

Page 4 here of Children of Light 3. This one took maybe the least time, but was kinda hard emotionally. When I write, I try to dig inside myself to find parts of myself to put into the characters, and poor Scott here has a lot of my pain and hurts. I also made a censored version where I cleaned up a few words. I didn’t use language to be shocking or gratuitous; it seemed most appropriate for the character and what he’s going through. At the darkest times of our lives, we hardly care to censor ourselves. I may have gotten too into the character during this page, I started to share some of his feelings! But I remembered the voice of the Lord, who promises renewed life, just as he offers Scott. No matter the past, long ago, or recent, God can make all things new!

This took about 8-10 hours total. Used sharpie, brush pen, gray tone marker, and sponge with ink. I enjoyed a Great Lakes Elliot Ness beverage during the inking.

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