Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fasting- day 2

Ok, day 2 is a bit harder than day 1. Late last night I wasn't too hungry, but I was longing for food, does that make sense? Had a little less energy today, have felt some lightheadedness, and am more sneezy than usual today. Haven't felt bad enough to stay home or anything. At least I'm not going through caffeine withdrawal again, we've been drinking decaf! I didn't pray or read my Bible as much as I should have. I did lose a couple more pounds in just 1 day! Probably because of no food in my digestive system.

I anticipate a difficult day 3, as we're having a lunch feast at work due to meetings all day. I'll have to hide out and pray or something while lunch is served!

Been enjoying the sounds of the Beach Boys, and you should, too, while it's still summer!

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