Thursday, September 25, 2008

Home alone

My wife & kids are leaving for Indiana for the weekend to visit relatives. I'm not going because I've been having a bad season with allergies, and they're staying in a cat home. Not a cat house, that's something, so I've been yeah, that is a legitimate reason for not going. But it works out that I get a 4-day personal vacation to do what I want.

Any time I'm faced with time alone, I get all these grand plans of what I can do. I could go on a 100-mile hike, I could remodel the basement, I could work out for 10 hours a day and be ripped when they get home, I could watch all the movies I never get to watch, I could draw 40 pages of my comic, I could pray and read my Bible a lot, I could go to the Chinese buffet, and get so many plates I'm there for lunch and dinner, I could go on a road trip to comic stores I've never been to.

Then reality sets in. I do have some obligations while they're gone. I do have to work Friday and Monday. Sunday we have an open house, so I'll be doing the cleaning for that. I think I can manage a mix of all the things I want to do , in moderation. Hopefully I won't spend 75 hours watching TV!

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