Thursday, September 4, 2008

My top 5

There's a radio show called "Life & Lyrics" on my local indie radio station. L & L features someone of prominence in the community, and they talk about 5 songs that shaped their lives. I had been thinking what mine were for a couple weeks here, and here's my Life & Lyrics show:

Journey: Saparate Ways- This is pretty much the song that introduced me to rock music. I was maybe 11 or 12, my brother had a great stereo system in his room, and when he was gone, I would put on those giant headphones, put the record on (yes, this was a real vinyl record), and play it over & over. That whole album was great, and I still have it, on CD of course.

Guns & Roses: Sweet Child of Mine- I was about 17 & remember working nights at a supermarket when this song first came out, some guy made fun of it, and I thought it was annoying, too. Like a weed, that song grew & grew on me, and I became the rebellious, nice guy rocker, complete with a great big mullet! Like Jon Bon Jovi, but better looking!

dc talk: Jesus Freak- marks the end of my rebellious stage, ha! I became a Christian in 1991, and this song came out a few years later, but makes a good tranformation from sex, drugs & rock & roll to music that reflects my new life in Christ. I almost chose King's X: Faith, Hope, Love album, which was out around a few years earlier, I think, but Jesus Freak reflects where I was at more at the time. I was a new Christian, and hung out with very spiritual people.

Jars of Clay: Flood- Not much later, Jars debued with their groundbreaking album. It introduced me to folk rock, and on later Jars albums, americana, bluegrass and jazz. They remain one of my favorite bands, and I've loved every time I've seen them. they came to my church once, too! I got to prepare their coffee.

Jack Johnson & friends: A Broke Down Melody- This song rocks in the mellowest way possible! Jars helped me appreciate a whole new world of music, folk, blues, jazz, soul, so many new things. Jack's pretty popular now, but this is the kind of music I would have laughed at as a kid! This song is from a lesser-known album with some of jack's friends. My wife loves the beach, and is making me long for relaxing times near the ocean, hearing mellow tunes.

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