Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fasting- day 3

Day 3 actually went pretty well. On the evening of day 2, I had a bad sneezing attack, and had to take medicine. I didn't want to, I was trying to keep my body "pure".

I got up feeling kinda weak, but energetic (hard to explain). We had donuts and sandwiches at work, and I managed to stay away. I took more time to pray and worship during the day. And in the afternoon, I had even more energy. I even had more energy into the evening and night, stayed up playing Wii with Sam until 10:30.

It was a good experience. Very hard, but good. It helped me realize I won't die if I don't eat as soon as I want something! I'm not sure if it gave me the desired results for my body. I was breathing better yesterday, but I'm sneezing more. Not sure which is worse.

Denying my flesh what it wants really does enhance my spirit, and brings me closer to God.

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