Monday, July 13, 2009

And now...peanut butter!

Continuing the trend of a big score of 1 item, I got about 30 or so single-serving organic peanut butter cups! o yeah! If only I had got some jelly! Actually I did bring home about 20 jelly packs from McDonalds that were left over, so there you go. Last night's score also included:
9 yogurt cups
2 large yogurts (fat free, don't care for it too much, maybe add some of the bananas!)
2 large cottage cheese (one of the few foods I don't eat even from the shelf, everyone else likes it)
6 nice cornbread biscuits
another dozen apples (we actually have too many apples, don't know if you can freeze 'em?)
5 single serve juices
4 bags of bbq chips :9
1 hummus dip (never had it, but my chips look lonely)
2 more corn on cob
1 can kidney beans
1 celery bunch

all from 1 dumpster- time: 1 hour -I know this one is always pretty good, if I went straight there & back, I would only be 1/2 hour.

We've gotten some surprising positive reactions from some people who know we do this, what do you think?

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