Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bananas are the new yogurt

Went diving again last night, couldn't go all weekend because my wife was in the hospital, no one to be home with the kids if I went. She's OK, though. Last night's tally:
Bunches of bananas
2 great organic juices I like
1/2 bag of sugar
lots of strawberries
a few loaves of bread
3 packs hamburger buns
3 boxes of mini donuts
1 big box of greeting cards from our local wasteful bookstore. We may never have to buy cards again (for certain occasions!)

I brought home more bananas than we could reasonably eat before they crossed the line from browning to brown mush. Along with the more questionable strawberries, we can make some nice smoothies! It seems I can find large quantities of certain items one day, and a different item the next. 2 days in a row I found about a dozen or so yogurt cups that had just hit the sell-by date.

I've been wanting to start on the next Children of Light pages, but want to wait until some drama gets resolved around here. In the meantime, I offered to letter Joey Endres' Colossians comic.

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