Thursday, July 2, 2009

It's Thursday like a Friday

Hey! Show was pretty good Sunday, made about $24, talked to a lot of people, did a few sketches. I'll do some reviews of what I bought later.

Good dive the other day, found a 30-pound bag of dog food! Turns out it was senior dog food, so we were worried Sushi wouldn't like it (like she would notice). Turns out she gobbled it up, when she usually won't eat her regular food. Score! I'm not sure how much a big bag of food like that costs, I should go in the store & price it. I'm sure it was worth my whole 2 hours out. Also found a new favorite spot, just a block or 2 away from my #1 spot. A name-brand bakery thrift store was just filled with awesome! It was funny, there was vaseline or something along the rim of the dumpster to deter diving. I grabbed one of my trusty garbage bags and placed along the rim, and hopped right in. I'm off tomorrow, so I'll head back there tonight to get some goodies for the weekend.

Happy 4th!

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