Thursday, July 23, 2009

Anime mania!

Hit the local wasteful book store trash the other night, what a great find! several boxes sealed up (a good sign there's something good inside), containing returns & slightly damaged items. Quickly loaded into the van was:
Anime series boxed set ($100 value)- a tag said 1 disc wouldn't play, but played fine for me
Scooby-Doo boxed set
Several dvds & cds
Anime series wall scrolls (big fabric posters)
2 Twilight hoodies (why=?)
2 boxes of books
a few book lights
I thought there was something else exciting, I can't remember what it was.

So some of this stuff we can sell, some can be used as gifts. If only I was an Anime fan, I would have been in heaven! Where is the super-hero trash at?

Forgot to say the other day, found a case of frozen mashed potatoes just past sell-by date- still cold in the dumpster! I wasn't greedy, only took half in case someone else "shops" there.

Found some competition at my favorite spot, and had to pass it up. Maybe there wasn't a good find for them, and they crossed it off their list.

Had a strange blessing today- I got a call from a local radio station saying my Incubus tickets were ready to pick up- ok, I didn't remember winning any tickets. They had my name, address & phone, just my last name was wrong. After showing my ID, they released them to me. Not enough of a fan to go, and we could use the cash, so I managed to sell them for $50 on Craig's list just a few hours later. Thank you Lord, for orchestrating such a unique blessing!


mike said...

I just spent a small fortune on some anime and manga books, and YOU get them for free?????

Life is not fair....

Tommy Flick said...

Hit the dumpsters, dude!

Actually wasn't too much. The box set was Fruits Basket, never heard of it. Finds like this aren't too common, I was blessed!

jaems said...

Fruits Basket defined the shoujo scene about half a dozen years ago. Are you selling any of your stuffs??

Tommy Flick said...

I did sell it all already, sorry, J. The Fruits box set went for $35, and I had 4 wall scrolls (Champloo, Negima, FMA)with broken rods that sold for around $5 ea. That was about it.